The Five Best Snacks For Movie Night (Other Than Popcorn)

Movie nights may not be the most picturesque option in comparison to the classic theater scenario. Although you do have one gratifying freedom, the snack options. A movie experience is never complete without the enjoyment of mindless snacking, whether your ideal snack preference is savory, sour, salty, or sweet. Now here are some of the best home-made snacks to ace your movie night.

  1.  Guacamolecwar-rick-guacamole-mise-en-place.jpg

If you’ve been living in a box for the last few years and haven’t noticed the prevailing new replacement for basically everything, it’s avocados. From avocado toast, burgers, and sandwiches, the possibilities are endless, and you don’t even have to feel guilty due to the fruit’s nutritional benefits. Now with that in mind, too much of that avocado toast could leave you homeless. Nevertheless, there is nothing better than watching Love Actually while dipping those classic tortilla chips in this zesty condiment. You have the creamy feel of the mashed up avocado, the tangy, delicious punch of lime, and heat of peppers. What more could you ask?


  1.   Samosasmoong-dal-samosa-new.jpg

Now these probably won’t be familiar to most of you. I can assure you if you can take the time to make these for your next movie night, they will be the highlight. They are basically a puff pastry that can be baked or fried. Although there is a curveball, these are savory  pastries. One of the perks of this dish is that when it comes to the filling, the possibilities are endless. You can stock them with the classic, spiced potatoes and a variety of vegetables to your liking, or you could always change it up and load them with cheese, lentils, nuts and raisins, chickpeas, noodles, or chicken. Now if you are really for a dessert there are even more possibilities, which include chocolate, mango, and coconut samosas. This may be a bizarre choice for some, but for the adventurous eater, go for it! Maybe even watch a Bollywood movie!


   3.   Browniesbrownies.jpg

This option undoubtedly isn’t the most ideal choice when it comes to being health conscious, but really what’s better than biting into a soft, warm, chocolatey fudge brownie? Of course there are easy ways to make them at least a little healthier, such as reducing the sugar or using just egg whites to reduce some cholesterol. Plus these little squares of wonder are extremely easy to make whether it be from scratch or from the box.


4.   Gelato303422_f0bddc6aa7e2b282fe37cd7ff7c53afbae2ccd96.jpg

Gelato is arguably the superior cousin of its infamous rival, ice cream. Basically, the ratio of milk to creams is greater in gelato and usually lacks egg. This results in a creamier, denser (and tastier) product. Gelato is also often healthier and has you consuming less sugar and calories than ice cream. Plus if you didn’t already realize it, it could be a great addition to your brownies…


5.    Sushi


Now this may not be totally considered a “snack”, but it had to be here. Sushi is undeniably the best trend that will never die out. Sushi gives an exceptional variety of flavors for your palate, and comes in ceaseless assortments and types. It also comes with its share of health benefits from the seaweed, a common ingredient. Even if you’re reluctant to eat sushi (AKA eating raw fish), you must have never heard of tempura, avocado, or even dessert rolls. Sushi is so convenient, easily made in large amounts, and bite-sized. There isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t have it for your next movie night.


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