Why Women-Only Wonder Woman Screenings are Totally Fine

What new controversy is plaguing the Internet today? Ah, yes of course.

For anyone that is not aware, multiple theaters across the United States, most famously the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema theater chain, are having showings of Wonder Woman that are exclusive to those that identify as female. As a result (and expectedly), this has created a firestorm across Twitter, Facebook, and other social media, primarily generated by those that identify as male. The famous complaint from these Negative Nancies is that these women-only screenings are sexist….yeah I know. However, it is necessary to put this into perspective, so we can try to turn those frowns upside-down and become positive again.

Men, have you ever just wanted to crack open a cold one with the boys? Did you have to leave your significant other to attend your “bro-only” barbecue? This is sounding like a familiar scenario. If your significant other started claiming “sexism” because you didn’t invite her to your barbecue, you would naturally (and rationally) claim that you need some time to bond with your friends and that it has nothing to do with gender exclusion. An ice cold beer and a juicy steak can be singularly and uniquely enjoyed with your male friends. You need bro time. This is precisely what is happening with these women-only screenings.

Wonder Woman, created by William Marston in the 40s, was inspired by the feminist movement of the time. As a female superhero, she embodies and celebrates the strength of the modern woman. In a time when we are bombarded with male-centered superhero films (which have every right to exist), a female-centered superhero movie, let alone a Wonder Woman movie, is truly welcome. So, it only makes sense that Alamo Drafthouse cinemas want to create and promote spaces for women to celebrate their womanhood, the very thing that the character of Wonder Woman celebrates. Women-only Wonder Woman screenings enable a form of bonding amongst the women who attend, analogous to the hypothetical “bro-only” barbecues. And that should be something to appreciate, regardless of what gender you are.

Hopefully, this perspective of mine has shed a positive light on the vitriol and admittedly empty anger associated with these women-exclusive screenings. Just lighten up– you will get to see it in a few days! The almost universal praise for the film has got me excited!


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